Jane Austen and Me


I was 7 years old when I picked up my first Jane Austen book. It was reading time in Year 3 when I turned to chapter one of ‘Emma’, however I didn’t read much past the first few chapters as I found it difficult.


Since then, I’ve been reading the books and watching the many tv series and films. My favourites being the tv series of Sense & Sensibility and all of the Pride & Prejudice adaptations. I love the people, the manners, fashion and romance.

Which is your favourite Jane Austen book? Let me know in the comments!


Hello 2017

Happy New Year!

For my New Years resolutions I am going to try and stop worrying about my future, personally and professionally. I want to accept everyday as it comes and stop waiting for things that may never happen.

I also want to start taking proper care of myself, both physically and mentally. I’ve let a lot of things slip and feel uncomfortable in my own skin. A bit of self love and occasional pampering is needed.

Finally, I want to achieve some creative goals, by drawing, sewing and reading more. These things make me happy and I don’t know why I have let myself become so unmotivated. I need to blow away the cobwebs and pick myself back up.

What are your goals for 2017?

Onwards and upwards!



Budapest is a beautiful city and it completely exceeded my expectations. It was never somewhere I had thought to visit until recently and I’m so glad we went. October seemed to be the perfect time to go, definitely weather for scarfs and jumpers but not too freezing!



Before Josh and I plucked up the courage to use the very cheap Metro and trams, we walked absolutely everywhere and took in the most incredible views. Our walk from the hotel into the main town and shops was only about 15 minutes and then another 5 minutes to the Danube River.



We kept stumbling across really interesting places tucked away in parks and over bridges. We stood and watched a musical fountain, went to see a circus and saw deer, fluffy chickens and horses in a miniature zoo. It was really random but so much fun!


We found a lovely little place to drink called Anna Cafe, right in the centre of town. It was so nice to sit and people watch while sipping on elderflower cocktails, which we didn’t realise were 90% wine until we stood up!



There were so many interesting places to visit that were tributes to Hungary in the war. The House of Terror definitely lived up to it’s name, as it told a gruesome history of tortured soldiers in the war. We also visited the Hospital in the Rock, which is a series of underground passages, with hundreds of lifelike models showing how the hospital would have operated during the war.


Castle Hill was a great place to visit, with traditional Hungarian tunnel cake and archery in the gardens.

One thing we were disappointed with was the lack of good places to eat! We did try some yummy goulash and some weird Russian fusion food, but overall we found it a bit of a chore to find somewhere decent to eat. This aside, we did have an amazing time in Budapest!