Podcasts have been around for years and back in the day I would spend hours listening to Harry Potter related casts on my old school iPod. ‘Mugglecast’ was the best by far with chapter by chapter run throughs and theories about how it all would end…

I have recently rediscovered Podcasts and oh, how they have grown!

My new favourite is ‘At Home With…’ by Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles. The interview takes place in the guest’s home, which makes it feel really personal and if you’re nosey like me, super interesting! Both ladies are really lovely and I found myself completely engrossed. It really is perfect listening for when you need some background noise and I wholeheartedly recommend that you give them a listen!

Another podcast I have recently stumbled across is Me & Orla, she talks a lot about small businesses and social media advice. As someone who is new to the world of small businesses, I have found her podcasts very informative and extremely helpful. Her website and blog are equally as good and definitely worth checking out.

Have you discovered any standout podcasts? Share them in the comments!


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