I will be 30 years old in November, how scary! People always say that when you’re 30, you’ll have all your ‘shit together’ and you’ll know who you are and what you want. Unfortunately for me, this isn’t the case!

I decided to set myself 10 goals that will hopefully make the transition from 20’s to 30’s a lot easier and with a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Lose 1.5 stone by making the gym a habit and eating healthily.
  2. Have my small business Radish and Rose up and running. Creating and selling.
  3. Start saving for a house deposit (I realise I should have started this a long time ago!)
  4. Read 5 books.
  5. See friends more and make more time to do exciting things.
  6. Figure out a skin care routine that works. (Any help with this one?)
  7. Run 5k.
  8. Travel (even if it’s just in the UK.)
  9. Stop being a hermit and learn to say yes.
  10. Be comfortable in my own skin and being alone.

Do you have any advice to share? Leave a comment!


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