Hello June

book and glasses

I can’t believe it’s June already. Summer is definitely upon us with the warm, humid days and sticky nights. I wanted to write this post to reflect on what I’ve achieved so far this year and to see if I achieved any goals that I set out in January.

1. I am going to try and stop worrying about my future, personally and professionally.

I’m a worrier, so the worrying will never stop, but I definitely feel like I’ve started to make a difference to my future. I’m saving for a house deposit, I’ve made a start on my new business Radish & Rose and I also got promoted in my day job, designing children’s books.

2. I also want to start taking proper care of myself, both physically and mentally.

This week I joined the gym! I cancelled my Slimming World membership as this time around it wasn’t working for me. I need more exercise and the brand new gym opening 2 minutes from my flat seemed perfect. My mental health isn’t as great as my physical, but that’s something on-going.

3. I want to achieve some creative goals, by drawing, sewing and reading more.

This year I have made two skirts that actually fit and are wearable! All thanks to Tilly & the Buttons wonderful patterns and online workshops. I’ve been drawing lots of exciting things for Radish & Rose and actually reading every night before I go to sleep.

Did you set any goals for 2017? Why not have a look back over the last 6 months and see how you’re getting on? It’s been really helpful to see where I need to focus more of my energy and where I’m doing well.


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