Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘The Handmade Fair’

This weekend me, Lisa and Emma went to Ragley Hall for ‘The Handmade Fair’ by Kirstie Allsopp. Sunday was hosted by Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant, we had a little fangirl moment when we saw him, but sadly didn’t get any photos!

craft 1

We had a couple of workshops booked and a ticket to see a Mollie Makes ‘mash-up’, but we arrived a little late and ended up missing our block printing class. We didn’t really mind so we had a wander around the shopping tent. It was super busy and full of amazing little crafty stores. There was homeware, hand painted trinkets, knitting/crochet kits, lots of handmade jewellery, Belle & Boo were there too!

craft 12

craft 10

I bought my own calligraphy pen with ink and a heart stamper with pretty coloured ink pads. There were so many gorgeous things I wanted and it was very hard stopping myself from buying everything!

craft 14

craft 8

We chose to go to the modern calligraphy workshop run by Lauren Cooper of ‘Oh Wonder Calligraphy’. She was super lovely and took us through all of the basics, from holding the pen to what paper to use. It was definitely the highlight of the day and I’ve got a lovely black ink stain on my index finger as a reminder! Look out for lots of shaky, wobbly calligraphy coming, it’s so fun and relaxing to do.

craft 2

There were a few tents dotted around with open studios inside, including ‘Oh Wonder Calligraphy’ and ‘de Winton Paper co’. Unfortunately, we didn’t get chance to chat with them, but I did spend some time looking at their tables full of wonderful watercolours and beautiful calligraphy. I’m feeling very inspired!

craft 9

craft 6

craft 3

There were tonnes of delicious smelling food stalls, from paella to nutella crepes, but we decided on some stone baked pizza. It was amazing. I just wish there were as many craft stalls as there were food ones!

craft 5

craft 15


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